Lafaenza - Ego

Ego, the strength of the self and of the project.

A true expression of versatility and refined design.

Ego is a refined project where the resin-effect surface, with powdery colours, finds a new finish with the inlaid work of wood-effect ceramic elements.

It recalls the typical aristocratic homes with coffered floors and ceilings, reinterpreted with a modern twist, whilst maintaining the refined perception of the composition, with matching colours

The Ego project has been designed to be laid with the Nirvana project, as it shares the same formats and can be perfectly combined in terms of colours and designs.

Specifications Technology: Full-body coloured porcelain stoneware ISO 13006 - G - BIa (E<0.5%) UNI EN 14411 - G.
Structure and surface: slightly undulated, matt, natural.
Edge: rectified monocaliber.
Format: 90x90 cm, 60x60 cm.
Colours: 4 ? beige, white, grey, black.
Technology: Facing double-fired ISO 13006 - G - BIII GL (E>10%) UNI EN 14411 - L
Structure and surface: smooth, matt.
Edge: rectified monocaliber.
Format: 25x75 cm
Colours 3: beige, white, grey.
Recommended use
Residential flooring and facing.
Light commercial.