Iris Ceramica - OPALE
Luminescence and age-old reminiscence dance across Opale slabs

The Opale collection sets itself apart thanks to elegant surfaces evoking the natural colours of precious stones. An extremely changeable surface across which delicate decors literally dance. A dynamic texture that takes inspiration from ancient calligraphy, written using a quill and ink. The elegant calligraphy of medieval scribes moves across the slabs of the Opale collection bringing the beauty of poetry back to ceramics with the same expertise of scribe masters. In the same way that their every book, their every page and their every word or letter was the result of painstaking artistry and craftsmanship, so today the words created on the ceramic slabs possess the power “to illuminate” the Iris Ceramica slabs with ornaments and decorations. The delicate quill comes back to life as words are traced across the surface of the tile with bright glimpses of material, while the verses develop in a blissful combination of silver and gold. The backdrops, offering various shades for every single hue, are enriched with delicate decors, together with a complete range of raises, listels and capitals that finish off the collection for the utmost creative freedom.