Inalco Ceramica - Handcraft

Handcraft symbolizes the origin of textures and the importance of careful craftsmanship.

The result of a collaborative initiative between Inalco and Bunch Architects' Studio, headed by architect Sara de la Mata, the series is inspired by terracotta's warm texture, the temperature of man's handprint on terracotta and rudimentary means of creation. Handcraft is based on new research into the very essence of materials and the way in which they used to be worked in the past. As a material, terracotta is a traditional form of tactile expression now integrated into the modern world's technological processes.

A large-format slimline SLIMMKER porcelain tile series in a 100x100 and 50x100cm format, Handcraft comes in a choice of colours: Blanco Plus, Blanco, Crema, Camel, Gris and Negro. It comes with two 100x100cm complementary decors - Handcraft Deco and the Deco Gris version - that take us back to a still recent past, recapturing the beauty of encaustic cement floors and bringing them forward into the future with new innovative patterns. The collection also comes in two finishes, a natural and non-slip one, plus a porcelain version in a standard thickness.