Ceramica Santagostino - FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE

The encounter between the creative genius of Philippe Starck and immense know-how of Ceramica Sant'Agostino gives birth to FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE

The project is the poetic vision of Philippe Starck about the origin of the ceramic product: "I chose to design a ceramic product because I love beautiful stories. I imagine the first man, the first woman, who takes some mud and some water, and then put this mixture in the fire, in an oven, and suddenly, they assisted to the miracle of this beautiful material taking shape. This is beautiful because it's aristocratic, noble, because it's the story of humanity, because it's intelligence.., the genius of humanity{

This thought gave birth to FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE, a collection with a strong and extremely innovative nature, which can create a new vision in the ceramic world. A real revolution for the project sector and for the way to perceive the use of ceramics in architecture.

With FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE the tile abandons its traditional function of decorative covering and stands out as an integral part of architecture. The joint, which until today represented something to hide and eliminate, with this collection takes up a new different, material and physical feature by becoming itself a modular decorative element.

"It's only the beginning of an infinite potential, of a new creativity to serve architecture and architects. - declared Philippe Starck - Finally, I discovered I can exaggerate the joint and enhance it on one side, on two sides, on four sides in order to create an innovative architectonic subject."

With FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE the wall covering takes on a totally new potential: from customary decorative element to new architectonic system.