Digital technology

Ceramica Sant'Agostino has been one of the first companies of the sector to add a technological revolution in the production processes. The digital ink-jet printing on ceramics offers unlimited possibilities for accurately reproducting graphic motifs on ceramics, and opens up a whole series of brand new prospects for the design and production of tiles surfaces.

Endless design versions

By its very nature, the system makes it pos- sible to create an endless variety of different graphic versions of the same design, thus definitively leaving behind the very concept of repetitiveness, typical of traditional production techniques.

Colour without limits

From the point of view of colour, digital technology is an important step forward for ceramic technology, because it makes it possible to reproduce any kind of nuance, shade or tone, using a highly sophisticated colour management systemable to achieve the same unlimited colour potential of photographic printing.

From edge to edge

In-line digital printing technology, synchro- nized and patented,makes it possible to decorate the whole tile, right from edge to edge, guaranteeing perfect definition even in the case of particularlymarked reliefs on the surfaces.

A brand-new, high-quality look

Floor and wall coverings become surprisin- gly beautiful and profoundly realistic. From natural stone to wood, from fabric effects to superb design patterns, ceramic materials are given a brand-new, high-quality look, thanks to the possibility of creating designs with virtually unlimited colour and pattern variations.

Lower environmental impact

Digital technology, in line with Ceramica Sant'Agostino's commitment to protecting the planet,makes it possible to significantly reduce environmental impact: 100%of the inks are used, so there is no waste to be disposed of, nor any longer the need for consumables such as silk screens.